We Offer Many Options and Services


At San Diego IT Services,  we offer many solutions and packages from Network and Server Support, IT Consulting Services, Security and Virus Protection Services and Clean Up, and much more... We  also offer our Managed Service Program (MSP) its like having an in house IT department when you need one and covers all IT related services for one low monthly price depending on the amount of Desktops, Laptops, Networking Devices and Servers your organization utilizes. All support is either remote or on site!

Network and server support 

We will provide your business with Network Design, Monitoring, Troubleshooting and Maintenance. We also provide you with server support and monitoring allowing your servers to perform at there peak. We monitor network and servers with software providing alerts to potential problems before they cause outages.

Managed Service
This package gives your business all of our packages, from Desktop Support, Application Support, Networking, Server Support, IT Consulting, Back Up and Recovery, as well as help desk support for your end users and more. With this monthly package you will save and feel as if you have a dedicated IT Team when you need them remotely or on site.

* Includes at least one onsite day a week to address any none urgent issues that employees think of when they see us onsite.

It security and protection services

We can help your company implement security procedures such as disaster recovery, virus clean up and prevention, firewall installing, maintenance and configuration.


We will provide your company with consulting services from network design, purchasing recommendations, software package recommendations, we can help your company with any new implementations or upgrades to current systems.